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Rapid Bike EASY: Plug & Play AFR Modulator

Add-on module supplied with microprocessor interfacing with the oxygen sensor – air/fuel ratio – and the sensor of air temperature.

The setting of the module (which adjusts the injection timing, by increasing or decreasing it) is carried out thanks to simple operations on trimmers with graduated scale and does not require any additional software: this is how RapidBike put the idea of "Plug & Play" into reality!

The two status-LED make the check of the correct working of the add-on module easier.

This picture (click to enlarge) displays the signal coming from the oxygen sensor related to the air/fuel ratio: compared to the original carburetion (blue trace), RapidBike EASY (red trace) allows an optimized air/fuel ratio (closer to the green trace, ideal air/fuel ratio for the best performance) that improves the engine efficiency and allows to save on fuel consumption.

The module is supplied already set, in a kit: it interfaces with the wiring of the motorbike through original connectors which are definite for each model.

Its manufacturing standard is specific for the Automotive sector and complies with important criteria such as electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to shock/vibration, temperature excursion and weathering agents (waterproof technology, etc).

Rapid Bike EVO: Total Injection Control

Evolution of the technology and experience gained through RapidBike1, 2 and 3 is an add-on module that interposes between the original ECU and the injectors.

It combines extraordinary high performance with user-friendliness thanks to the self-adaptive feature: RapidBike EVO does not require additional modules to reach this performance, as it includes all the required features in its own working.

Objective of this application is "total injection control", which means the total control of the air/fuel ratio through the management of all the injectors (up to eight) and of the oxygen sensors. RapidBike EVO allows to work on injection timing (range from -100% to +150% compared to the original parameters) and on air/fuel ratio related to carburetion.

When driving the motorbike, the self-adaptive feature determines the automatic self-correction of the air/fuel ratio maps: this active management is added up to the pre-set parameters. The adjustments set by RapidBike EVO improve the engine efficiency in order to reach the best performance.

The self-correction process is set in multipoint technology according to RPM and TPS, for the whole range of the engine working, even when the original RPM limiter is raised (when available).

The chart (click to enlarge) displays the definite progressive improvement of the map from 0 (red trace) after 50 km (green trace) and after 200 km (brown trace). Other remarkable features are the possibility to raise the RPM limiter (up to + 1.000 RPM) and the cut of the speed limiter.

RapidBike EVO also supports the management of multiple maps, which means the possibility to calibrate and activate two sets of injection maps with different self-adaptive settings in order to "change air/fuel ratio" with a simple switch.

For two-cylinder engine motorbikes, RapidBike EVO allows to set a map with specific self-adaptive corrections for each cylinder to optimize the engine efficiency.

By using the software downloaded from the website, through the USB device provided or purchased for the RB Evo kits before 12/02/2011, the rider can tune his own map and set new self–adaptive parameters anytime, so to get the performance desired.

Enjoy racing!

A real breakthrough in technology applied in the motorcycle sector, RapidBike RACING is the most complete and innovative system available today to manage the engine working through add-on module.

Functional improvement and evolution of the technical features introduced with RapidBike EVO, the RACING module analyses and manages up to 8 input channels contemporary thanks to a calculating capacity ten times higher than what already offered by the esteemed RapidBike3.

A technologically advanced tool granting the maximum electronic support at the highest competitive level.

The new features introduced by RapidBike RACING are numerous:

  • Ignition timing dynamic control:

    exclusive system for the management of ignition and spark advance, to maximize the engine efficiency (the chart displays the power level of two comparative tests performed by a Yamaha R6 on our dynamometer: the red trace represents the test with RapidBike RACING on - click to enlarge).

  • Engine braking control:

    management of the engine brake while decelerating, to prevent the troublesome jumping vibration of the rear wheel and improve the bike stability when curving.

  • Pit–lane rpm limiter:

    manually activated limiter to reduce the performance of the engine when driving through the pit area in a circuit.

  • Switch multi sets:

    not just a switch between two maps, but the possibility to change bike setting with different calibrations of injection, ignition, limiters (also pit-lane RPM), engine braking control and even self-adaptive injection.

The active management of RPM and speed limiters, essential at racing competition level, requires a detailed description because of the innovative solutions introduced: suitable for road purposes too, this technology is available on both RACING and EVO version of RapidBike and makes what available now on the market obsolete.

The modification of the RPM limiter is achieved on a progressive scale of values so to obtain a regular and satisfactory power supply also in the RPM range added.

Some features are specifically conceived and supported to perform the best performance (example enrichment during acceleration, modulation of the oxygen sensor signal, etc.).

RapidBike RACING and EVO also controls the speed limiter: the highest implementation for your wish of race.

Technical features common to Rapid Bike EVO and RACING

  • "Plug & Play" applications through the supplied original connectors;
  • Wiring and modules totally impermeable;
  • All the wiring are created to support both RapidBike EVO and RACING;
  • External frame of the module realised in aluminium alloy, internal insulation with epoxy resins;
  • Standard specific manufacturing for the Automotive sector (electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to shock/vibration, temperature excursion and weathering agents);
  • Self-adaptiveness of injection, RPM, speed limiters and multi-map management.

Injection map management
Injection map range +150 / -100 +150 / -100
Ignition (spark advance) map management
Ignition (spark advance) map range +10 / -10
Map configuration management
Map database management
Map automatic upgrade
Map manual download
Map protection
Firmware update
Auto–upgrade firmware
Self-adaptive management switch;
Engine braking set management
Quick shifter management
Enrichment in acceleration
Tps Calibration
Gearbox sensor reading calibration
Gearbox sensor output calibration
RPM limiter set management
Speed limiter set management
Switch of self-adaptive set of maps
Switch of limiter set
Switch of ignition (spark advance) set
Switch set pit–lane rpm
Switch set engine braking
My Tuning Bike management
Tuning Bike (Professional) management (Professional)